Anti-Aging: Vitamin D helps combat colds


Vitamin D is a miraculous nutrient with unlimited health benefits. It has been found useful for curing almost all the ailments that can damage your health. Researchers have found this vitamin useful in the treatment of cancer, tuberculosis, heart attack and to maintain an overall healthy body. It is an immune system regulator. Some researchers believed that vitamin D is equally beneficial for combating colds and flu. However, a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), proved that vitamin D supplements are useless for reducing the number or severity of colds or other respiratory infections.

To prove the facts further, a research was carried out by Dr. David R. Murdock of the University of Otago in New Zealand which included 322 healthy adults. The participants were divided into two equal groups. One group of the participants were given a dose of 200,000 IU of vitamin D3 on monthly basis which was followed by 16 once-monthly doses of 100,000 IU to the other half of the group. As a result, the latter group showed minimal signs of reduction in colds and upper respiratory infections as compared to the other group during the research period.

The research yielded some disappointing results for the researchers. It was concluded that the controlled group already had a sufficient amount of vitamin D restored in their bodies which was mainly due to sun exposure. It was further concluded that one massive dose of vitamin D is insufficient for maintaining an efficient immune system for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is unlikely that you can prevent yourself from colds and flu by taking the vitamin D supplements as compare to exposing yourself to sun and taking your supplements regularly. So, in order to prevent yourself from colds and flu this winter, start taking your vitamin D supplements on regular basis with 10 minutes exposure to natural sunlight. Stay Shiny, Stay Healthy!

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