Ice your injury on-the-go

(NC) -- Most of us know that ice and compression are important elements to help recover from injuries such as contusions, bruises, aches and sprains.

But many of us feel the need to keep moving, or continue working, or we want to stay with our sports routine, all of which makes it difficult to find the time to ice. Take a look at this innovative, on-the-go solution.

A patented technology is now available in Canada that provides ice and compression in an easy-to-use fabric wrap.

“Dr. Cool uses a patented chemical-free 'Coolcore' fabric that flash freezes in only 20 minutes and stays cold for about an hour, without bothersome dripping as it thaws,” says Rick Schaly, who is instrumental in bringing Dr. Cool into Canada from the United States. “It offers 360 degrees of cold compression versus traditional ice packs that cover only a limited area.”

Dr. Cool can also be used dry as a compression wrap to support and protect various body parts during activity, to help shorten recovery time.

“It is an ideal solution to help many people get the proper ice and compression that they need, when they need it,” Schaly continues. “It is so much better than that cumbersome bag of frozen peas or slippery plastic bag filled with ice. This is truly recovery-on-the-go. Schaly also runs Trainers Choice, an orthopaedic bracing company, as well as a renowned physiotherapy clinic.

Be sure, he says, to consult a physiotherapist or athletic therapist to evaluate the nature of the injury and its treatment.

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