Dr. Mercola: Busting Full Fat Myth: Cheese Is Good For Heart!

The low fat rules, as stated by the science of good health since decades has always linked heart problems with saturated fats and sugars. This report lingering on for years has finally made a back stand. As stated by a report on Mercola.com, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans has reported said that the total fat intake has no link with obesity or heart disease risk. It turns the arrow towards the increased usage of refines grains and sugar. It is the trans-fat and oxidized cholesterol that blocks the arteries and not saturated fat and healthy cholesterol.

 Joanna Maricato, who is an analyst at New Nutrition Business, stated in 2015,

"In the past, studies focused on analyzing individual nutrients and their effects on the body. Now, there is a growing tendency to look at foods and food groups as a whole … As a consequence, amazing results are appearing from studies on dairy and particularly cheese, proving that the combination of nutrients in cheese has many promising health benefits that were never considered in the past."

Recently, a research done in Denmark concluded that having cheese high in fat improves health by increasing high density lipoprotein cholesterol that is HDL cholesterol. The study enrolled 140 adults and divided them into high fat cheese eating groups and the bread jam eating group. As a result, HDL increased in groups eating full fat cheese, with none of the groups having an increase in LDL levels.

Another one of the researches conclude that cheese helps in preventing fatty liver, improving the triglyceride as well as cholesterol levels. Full fat cheese has also been advocated for weight loss management since it helps in ramping up metabolism. Full fat cheese has Butyric acid which helps in lowering the risk of obesity and increasing metabolism.

It has been advocated that Roquefort cheese preferably helps in improving heart health. Cheese made from the greener pasture fed animals has excellent nutrients like high quality proteins and fats, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

Mercola.com states that once 18 percent of the daily calorie intake is covered by sugar, the body goes into a state that causes a 200 percent metabolic harm, in a turn promoting prediabetes and diabetes.

As reported by NPR, the research published in the journal, Circulation, "The dairy fats found in milk, yogurt and cheese may help protect against Type 2 diabetes.” Therefore, the increase of attention towards being in a healthy lifestyle must include wholesome dairy products including full fat cheese and milk more preferably from greener pasture fed animals rather than grain fed animals for a more fortified produce to be consumed. Dairy products have always been considered as healthy and now we know why. The older decades ongoing myth that dairy and full fat cheese harms, should be busted.



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