Why Obesity Sufferers Are Calling Upon Life Coaches To Help Them

It’s no secret that the current obesity epidemic is at an all-time high not only in North America, but is steadily growing around the world. Many world leaders are beginning to pay closer attention as it begins to drive the costs of healthcare up.

While those dealing with weight loss issues have been attempting many diets and fitness programs, only a small percentage of them are succeeding.

Over the years it has become quite evident as to why so many diets fail. Fitness gurus and dietitians all agree that a person who wants to lose weight and keep it off must not just go on a diet, but create a whole new lifestyle for themselves. This is why many personal trainers and nutritionists are recommending to their clients that they seek the support of a life coach who can assist them in creating a new healthier lifestyle that not only focuses on food, but in all areas of their life.

A Purpose Driven Life

In recent studies, depression has shown how it can have a direct impact on people gaining weight. Many psychologists agree that when individuals are living unfulfilling lives, they will turn to food as a mechanism to fill the void or suppress certain negative emotions. When people are going to jobs they hate or do not have any meaning or purpose in their life, they can quickly turn to sugar as their number one source to “sweeten their life.”

One of the main goals of a life coach is to help their client discover their passion and purpose. They believe that when a person is aligned with their authentic self, they will naturally be more driven to take action on the things that brings them more joy. By doing so, their mind and time are filled with other things that are more constructive and keep them away from destructive behaviours such as food binging.

Building Confidence & Self-Esteem

Another common symptom of obese individuals is that they lack confidence and self-esteem which leads to poor decisions and habits. Many of these people never got the support they needed as children to become confident adults so they look to food as a way to fill a void.

A life coach has the ability to support their clients in helping them feel more confident by giving them the encouragement they need to build their self-esteem over time. Through consistent positive reinforcement, their client will begin to develop a stronger sense of self where they slowly but surely stop turning to food as their only source to feel good.

And because life coaches also help their clients achieve their goals, they will begin to feel a sense of accomplishment that will bring lasting change to their psyche. Each step they take creates a domino effect in where they become more confident over time and less dependent on food.

Falling Down and Getting Back Up

Those who are looking to make significant change in their life have a tough time keeping to their commitments because when they make a mistake or fall down, they tend to beat themselves up only making things more difficult. However, a life coach is specifically trained to assist their clients in addressing any obstacle they are facing so that they can get back up when they make a mistake and move forward.

Adversity is a part of life but when you have someone there who can hold your hand along the way, it makes it much easier for people to overcome them so that they can change their life for the better. Hopefully those suffering from obesity will rise to the challenge and get the support they need to create a healthier life for themselves.


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