PayPal: Stand Up for Democracy in the Media


Do you know of anyone who would like to help support The Canadian?

Do you support the need for an independent and socially progressive oriented media like The Canadian?

We need to raise $5000.00 by the end of this week in membership pledges. We need your and your friends support to help defray immediate operational expenses.

These include website hosting; internet connection services; research costs; hydro expenses and other utilities, rental space charges; and graphic designer expenses.

So far we have raised about $600.00 in donations.

We are a not-for-profit organization similar to TVOntario, or, if you are from the States, PBS.  This is except for the fact that we do not receive grants from any government agency. That helps keep us independent, no doubt.

We accept donations via PayPal.

We have a variety of book gifts you could choose from, in diverse subject areas, if you make a member pledge of at least $50.00.

You make your donation through PayPal today.

Our PayPal ID is

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