Fukushima: Canada's newspapers worthy of a boycott


The Fukushima media cover up of 3 nuclear meltdowns, and ensuing nuclear melt troughs, along with massive radiation leaks into the water column that will spread all over Japan and have tremendous health effects, is a huge public relations success but a public health disaster.

Canada's Big Business owned newspapers have been complicit in undermining the free flow of information on Fukushima.  In the process, Canada's Big Business owned newspaper has become part pf a cover-up.  Radiation levels in Toronto, have apparently already been to skyrocket to the levels experienced by cancer patients.

Isn't it about time to boycott such apparent agents of deceptions, who have sold our birthright to the apparent "archons of deception"?

interner site reference: http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/06/11/fukushima-media-coverup-pr-success-public-health-disaster-26231/

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