Online Dating – The Runaway Scheme


As is the same with most things in life, it pays to have a “Get out of jail free card” when it comes to online dating. This could be something as simple as getting out of a conversation with a man that you have absolutely no interest in, to something as complex as running away from that horrible first actual date when you meet someone for the first time. Thankfully for you lovely guys and gals, there are a few helpful hints and tips that you can use to get out of those difficult situations, and you may find that they come in handy in more ways than one!

1. When you are indulging a seemingly nice guy in a little online flirting, only to realize that he quite frankly has the personality of a kipper, (this works for the girls too!) you need to get out and fast. Continuing the conversation is only going to give false hope where there is absolutely none, so you need to put an end to it. In all fairness, honesty is always the best policy in situations like this and let’s be honest; what are the chances of you actually running into this person in “real life”? Say something straight and to the point – “Hey, you\re a lovely guy/girl and all, but I don’t really see this going anywhere, but it was lovely to meet you and I wish you well! This is honest, to the point, and polite. You couldn’t get much nicer in a rejection letter if you tried!

2. When you are on one of those shocking first dates when you wish that the whole ground would open up and swallow you; you need to have a runaway scheme. Work with your sister/brother/best friend/parents and decide on a time for them to call you while you are on your date. Let’s say you are meeting at 7pm – book the phone call for 8pm. This gives you enough time to figure out if the first impressions are good, and if they are not, your caller cam come up with a fake drama/family emergency/disaster that you can then use as your excuse to run away. The excuse must be good though – your mother fell over, your best friend is in labor, your cat has been run over…. You know the type – something serious enough to pull you away, yet light hearted enough that a fake funeral isn’t called for. After this initial drama has been done with, you can then say something along the lines of – “I have too much happening in my life right now and although I think you are a lovely person, I don’t really have time to date” This makes it your fault and not there’s and also can be used repeatedly until you finally have a great first date with someone you really click with.

Now for a couple that you can use anywhere and anyhow –

3. You have too much work going on, and you don’t think you are going to have the time to date. This could also be used with family drama/kids/parents/siblings, etc. rather than work.

4. You are still pining for an ex and you have only just realized. It wouldn’t be fair to put someone else in the firing line for all that baggage….

5. You are a recovering alcoholic and you have been instructed by your therapist that dating right now is not a good idea. This is so extreme that no one would ever question it, and let’s be honest; any potential non-date would be running for the hills anyway!

There are a whole bunch of different excuses that you could use as your runaway scheme, and it pays to be as imaginative as possible. It may be very clear that you are lying, but they will at least appreciate the effort that you have put into your lie!

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