Online dating for skinny guys


In a world where it would seem that girls are chasing after the hot guys with the big muscles, it can be hard to be a skinny guy. This is very much so the case with online dating, when every other profile seems to be a hot, buff guy with a ripped 6-pack and bulging biceps.

If you are a skinny guy just looking to find love, then there are a few things that may be able to help your quest. One of the first things that you should do is put yourself down. Just because you are not ripped, even though you have spent countless hours in the gym trying to get there, doesn’t mean that the girls won’t like you, which brings me nicely to my first point:

Remember – you are a fabulous person!

Who cares that your arms are skinnier than Victoria Beckham’s? Any girl that is actually worth your time certainly won’t. You have so many good qualities that focusing on the one thing that you don’t like about yourself just isn’t going to be a worthwhile quest for you. You may not have bulging biceps, but you do have a very good job and brains – something most muscle men can’t claim to have!

Not all girls want a “hench” man!

Believe it or not, girls aren’t all looking for the “Ronnie” out of Jersey Shore lookalike. He may be built like an ox, but in all fairness, he has the personality of a kipper. Who wants to date a guy that spends more time in the bathroom than a girl does? Or spends most of his life in the gym and watching what he eats? Sometimes we ladies just want to scoff down a hamburger and drink beers in front of the TV. A gym-freak isn’t going to make us feel good about ourselves.

Be honest in your profile!

You may want to put a picture of yourself looking like you have been to the gym every day in your life as your profile picture, but don’t lie. If a girl is looking for the muscle man, and you have put a cleverly disguised picture of yourself that makes you look bigger than what you are; that first date is going to be mighty uncomfortable. “Oh, you’re much smaller than you looked online!” is not going to make you feel good about yourself and the chick will just feel as if she has been conned into going on a date that she didn’t want to go on. Just be honest – make a joke about it if you can, especially if it makes you feel uncomfortable that you are skinny.

At the end of the day, if you love yourself, girls are going to love you. The more confidence you have, the less she is going to notice that you are slim, and this is especially the case if you dress well at the same time. Appearances are not everything, but if you make a point of saying how much you hate being skinny, she is going to focus on that just as much as you are.

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