Dating Games: Ladies Giving Out their Number

When a girl gives you her number, you know you are on to a winner. This seems to be less the case these however, when it would seem acceptable for two complete strangers to hand out their mobile phone numbers in a bid to keep in contact for one reason or another, rather than their home numbers, which are a much more personal affair.

These days; the exchange of the number is no longer as highly thought of as it once was. As Carrie Bradshaw in the hit TV show once said “And there, in mid Manhattan, two complete strangers did the unthinkable; they handed out their unlisted phone numbers” In this day and age, you need only have met the person for 3 minutes and you are handing out phone numbers or social networking page ID’s.

Of course, this makes things much harder for guys. Once upon a time, if a girl gave you her number, you called her a couple of days later and a date was made. Now, if a girl gives you her number, it’s probably because she fancies your friend, wants some help from you at a later date, or is keeping in contact with you for another reason altogether. It’s a much less personal affair.

So what does it mean when a girl gives you her phone number, you give her a text or leave her a voicemail, and she never gets back to you? Or at the very least, leaves it a long time before she does finally get back to you, and then does so with a feeble excuse that you would have once used to get out of homework at school. Does this mean that she is not as into you and she once was? You thought she liked you, right? Guess what gentlemen – you have turned into the girl.

These days a girl has much more power than a few years ago, where men were the dominant species. These days, chicks earn as much as guys, they work as hard as guys, and they do all of the things that a guy loves to do. This means that they also learned to hold a specific amount of power when it comes to dating too.

As a girl, I have often given out my cell phone number only to receive a text from the guy I have recently seen and not be interested any more. It is a girls prerogative to change her mind, and we so it oh so well! However, at the same time, I have received messages while at work that I have FORGOTTEN to reply to, and only found the message a few days later when I was looking for something else. In reality, there are a hundred and one different reasons as to why a girl wouldn’t text you back, or even give you a call, in the kind of time frame that you would have liked them to.

The thing is guys – there is a good chance that either something better has come along, or she is not really sure of how she feels about you. If you have left a while before you contact her in the first place, there is a good chance the former has occurred, especially if she is hot anyway!

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