Book self-publishing offers full service alternative

Writing a book is not particularly difficult; getting it 'published' can be very difficult; distributing and selling your book is extremely difficult. There are two options: submit our manuscript to multiple publishers, with or without an agent, and hope one of them accepts you, or publish yourself. The traditional publisher route usually means multiple rejections. Even once you have been accepted, there can be lengthy delays, and your income from your book is never more than 10%. If your book happens to be a huge bestseller, 10% is a very nice return on investment; for the most part, 10% of not a lot is very little.

On the other hand, you can publish yourself and pocket the full sales price. Basically all you need is an ISBN and a printer. But stop and think about what happens next. There are many self-published authors who have a garage or basement full of boxes of unsold books. They have made a fair amount per copy sold, but they have not sold many copies.

What you really need is the best of both worlds: a full-service support system that guides you through the writing process, and the design process, and then takes over the marketing of the does all of that. "Full service" includes book cover design. It is true that you cannot judge a book by its cover, but it is also true that an appealing, exciting, evocative cover can sell an otherwise very boring book. Cover design is the real make-or-break of book publishing, and is best left to professionals. A "published" book needs anISBN as well as CIP registration if published in Canada. Again, this is not particularly difficult if you have the tie to devote to making sure that the details are correct. Again, professionals can take care of this so much more easily.

Once the book is written and designed it must be printed and bound. will take care of printing your book. They will take care of Books-in-print registration which allows booksellers anywhere to order your book, as well as registering your book with online booksellers which is the largest outlet for self-published authors.

In order to get your book noticed by online booksellers, you will need to have an author website specifically designed to market your book. Once again, this is something you can do yourself is you want to save a few dollars, but a professionally designed website is likely to sell a lot more books than your own effort. This is mostly because having a website does not guarantee sales; it does not even guarantee that people (other than friends and family) will ever look at your site. Ifthey do not look at your site, they will not see your book, and if they never see the book, they certainly will not buy it

A full-service publishing assistant like will register your domain name, design your website and optimise the search engine placement of the site. In other words, will sell your book for you.

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