New York writers learn book self-publishing

New York must have support groups for a hundred different ailments or problems.  Now, thanks to, there is a support group for authors who don’t know how to go about getting published.  This is not a joke, it is a serious effort by a non-profit publisher to ease the path for aspiring authors to publish their book, market it and see it sell.  It is done through seeking and receiving free information from fellow authors and others in the book publishing field.


That’s all well and good, you say, but where do I find such people?  That’s simple.  You meet them through Meet-up.  Just join Meet-up ( and search for events that interest you.  You can even organize your own event.  Since its inception in October, the New York Meet-up group has averaged an event a week.  As more members join, the network will grow and so will the opportunity to expand friendships and create potentially productive working relationships.  The social aspect is important, and members are encouraged to meet in a congenial location such as a coffee shop or neighbourhood restaurant.  Given the size of New York and the time involved in getting from point A to point B, it may be easier at first to Meet-up via Skype Video Chat.


What aspects of getting a book published do events cover?  Anything and everything.  So far, Meet-up, New York has explored, among others,  “Get the Ball Rolling”, which seems like a good place to start; Layout and Typsetting Service, an absolutely essential step in converting your manuscript into a book which is likely to be accepted for sale by bookstores;  and Book Self-Publishing: From Manuscript to Best Seller.  If only it were that simple!  But, the more you know, the easier it gets, and Meet-up is a wonderful way to learn from others who have already walked the path you are embarking upon.


Perhaps the most useful thing about Meet-up, is that you have the opportunity to have your manuscript reviewed, free, by fellow writers who have nothing to gain or lose, and so can be completely honest about plot, structure, writing style, creativity and so on.


If for some reason you fail to find the support you hoped for, there are always the other publishing services offered by  They make sure that you retain full control of all your intellectual property rights, and that you have the final say in the development of your project.


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