Ottawa Book-Self Publishing: Top 7 Reasons to Chose

Being a writer based in Ottawa is now one of the best things that can happen to you. This is due to the fact that unlike most of the cities all over the world where authors have to go through hell in order to get their books published, writers in Ottawa have the professional book self-publishing services of to rely on. has been one of the few self-publishing agencies that keep on setting the standards for others to emulate.

The era of traditional book publishing where brick and mortar based printing houses were used has given way to a virtual method of getting books out. All your book self-publishing goals can be realized only with the assistance their help. Below are the top 7 reasons to chose for your self-publishing needs;

By writers for writers: was created by a well established writer who has personally gone through the problems that up and coming writers faced in trying to get their books published. Their self-publishing services were therefore developed in the most informed way possible. They are one of the very few self-publishing firms that really do understand what you need as a writer in order to make it big with your self-published book(s).

Professional: When it comes to self-publishing your book, there is one thing that can never be forgotten – professionalism. No matter the kind of book that you want to bring out, it should always portray how serious you take your work. This is something that they do best at as they provide you with self-publishing services that are of the highest quality.

The firm with the best self-publishing staff: also boasts of having a team of experts who have a lot of experience and education in the area of book self-publishing and they always guarantee you flawless self-publishing services that can never be found on similar sites like Create Space and others.

Their services are tailored according to your financial strengths: One problem that majority of upcoming writers face has to do with financial obligations. When in the hands of the wrong self-publishing agency like Create Space, a writer has a higher probability of going bankrupt even before the actual project takes off. However, with, they provide you with high quality a self-publishing service that does not drain you financially. This simply means that you do not have to be extremely rich in order to self-publish your book with their help.

Systematic: This is one thing that sets them well apart from the other book self-publishing service providers. Unlike other agencies that do not have a laid down procedure of getting their clients books published, rather has one of the best laid down self-publishing procedures. This makes it very easy and simple for you as a writer to get your book(s) self-published without any difficulties. With such a well laid down self-publishing procedure, you are always assured of the fact that your book will come out without even a single mistake.

Constructive criticism: This is another area that most book-self-publishing agencies fall short. Instead of finding out how to constructively criticize your book in order to get you work on your strengths, they either come out with statements that totally make you lose interest in your career or simply publish the book as it is. When a book is published in such a state, your chance of achieving mass marketability becomes very limited. At, they have self-publishing professionals who are always ready and willing to help you identify flaws in your book and also assist you in correcting those flaws.

Personalized services: Moreover, all their self-publishing services are designed to address the individual strengths of each and every writer. This means that they do not make use of a general self-publishing procedure for every writer. They identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you use it to your advantage.

These are the top 7 reasons to choose as a writer based in Ottawa.


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