Book Self-Publishing - Top 5 Ways Is Better Than Create Space for Writers

Agora Publishing is an Ontario based self publishing company that seeks to make the process more accessible to Canadian and international authors. They are a not for profit company and are a charity focused book distributor. Amazon's service, CreateSpace, is a well known giant but there are many benefits in choosing Agora instead.

Guarantees All Measures Will Be Taken To Promote Your Book

Agora handles SEO (search engine optimization) for writers so your work will always be at the top of search engine results and therefore right in front of the audience you want to reach. This means making use of keywords, improving the navigation of your website, using social media, and linking effectively. This is not the same as SEM (search engine marketing) which involves pain content and other promotional techniques. This is a wider approach and attempts to create an organic process. Agora offers all the help a writer needs when they are starting their self publishing journey and continues to help thereafter.

Finished Products Look Professional

CreateSpace boasts that your work is printed only on demand, but Agora offers a ‘print on demand’ service which is more efficient and you can be certain that the product delivered to your customers meets your high standards every time.

With Agora, your manuscript can be reviewed for $175; 2.5 cents for every word and 2 cents per word for editing. CreateSpace charges $160 for an evaluation; 16 cents every 10,000+ words and can take up to four weeks to return your manuscript, after just one round of editing. Agora is both cheaper and faster!

Offers a Better Marketing Plan

Agora offers pre-publication services that includes a book cover (extra for a multi-image cover), an author website that will be connected to all social media accounts, an ISBN registration, book description and a CIP registration. For extra you can have a YouTube promotional video made as well.

Agora offers book publicist services, book agency contacts, book distribution negotiations, and, on top of this, media relation services are included for free. CreateSpace offers a marketing package (includes a tagline, keywords, book description, back cover texts, an author background) but they all come at a hefty price in comparison to Agora. Create Space also leaves promotion completely in your hands; leaving you to sink or swim all on your own. Authors who are self publishing for the first time might find this more than a little overwhelming. Agora however, will be with you every step of the way.

Offers Typesetting Services Not Available Through CreateSpace

Typesetting and layout services are offered at 4.5 cents per word.

Personal Customer Service Is provided

Writers will get their work published in newspapers, magazines, and on the web. Agora's editorial committee will make sure a professional is assigned to your product and they will provide you with a highly personalized service. Small and medium sized companies can also be helped by Agora’s wide variety of services.

CreateSpace offers wide distribution on Amazon's site but only if you publish your book on Kindle. If the product does not meet your standards you have sixty days to find out if your book can be salvaged; which may not be nearly enough if you can't talk to an actual person. All of their services are done robotically through email. At Agora, you will talk to someone dedicated to providing the best service possible. Agora is more personal and is tailored to your personal needs which is exactly what a first time self publisher requires. With Agora you will be treated as an individual and your worries and concerns will be dealt with the utmost care, consideration and professionalism.


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