Halifax Writers Benefit from Book Self-Publishing

Are you a writer in Halifax (upcoming or established in the system already), with a mind-blowing masterpiece or new book title? Listen, with all the energy and effort you’ve spent in that book, it is time you opt for self-publishing. Yes, you heard right and what’s more, AgoraPublishing is the proficient platform with enormous benefits for publishing your great book.

With great web-based publishing platforms and customized printing services, Agora services in Halifax helps you get through the entire publishing process from editing to printing, distribution, and marketing. They provide you with varying good editing and printing options that will transform a petty manuscript into an excellently finished book in the hands of your expecting readers in just no time.

The good old path of traditional publishing is a good option though, but you don’t want to deal with the rejection of your hard work or the ‘forever’ time it takes the editors to push your lovely work through. Check out the bountiful benefits that AgoraPublishing.com offers you when you partner with them. These include;

Great royalty rates

Traditional publishing houses financing the project may offer you a paltry royalty. Come on, for all your hard work, that percentage profit is a ‘no-no’ to accept. The most alluring reason for considering a shot at self-publishing is the fact that all book profits are yours to enjoy alone with almost no interference.

Decision ‘ball’ is always in your court

As a writer, you must have always dreamed of how you want your book to appear. Get those dreams of yours into reality with agora publishing company. Agora publishing will offer you great varying options and ideas for your book cover, editing, printing, and marketing processes. You can make changes to any part of the book at any time in the future without interference.

Reach your readers faster

With Agora, you can overhaul the long publishing time cycle associated with traditional publishing houses. You stand every chance of publishing and marketing your book in few weeks or days as you desire. Depending on the content of your book and your marketing strategy you can aim for readers outside the shores of your home country – that is how best-selling novels are born.

No delay and rejection

Forget the heart-breaking delay and rejection that accompanies publishing with traditional publishing houses. There will be no editor or literary agent telling that your project is not good for reading. Be your own boss as you self-publish your way through to your readers. No matter how weird your story may seem, there is always an audience waiting for it.

A forever shelf life

A self-published title is always available when needed, even more so with additional options of print on demand (POD). Agora in Halifax helps to minimize publishing cost and maximize profit.

Retention of rights

Agora's services enables you, the writer, to fully control your intellectual property rights and the development of your project.

Create a price balance and better marketing strategy

You definitely don’t want to chase away your potential customers with an overwhelming price tag and neither do you want to bring the price too low causing almost no profit.  Choose the best price tag and suitable marketing tactics for profit maximization.

You have every reason to self-publish your work, besides, the number of self-published successful and bestselling authors are growing. Join the trend; don’t delay that book publishing anymore. You’ve got to check out what the Agora service offers, right now!


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