Exciting New Book Self-Publishing Comes to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax writers and authors, have you heard? Agora Publishing, a new book self-publishing is just the right platform available now in Halifax, offering you a tremendous and exciting opportunity to get published without the need of visiting a traditional publishing house.

Despite the earlier stigma, self-publishing has been gaining an improving acceptance; since many well-known writers and bestsellers who generate high-quality content have been opting for self-publishing rather than traditional publishing.

Getting the world to read your interesting work especially as a new writer could be an uphill task, as you have to really impress a traditional publishing house or a literary agent. But not to worry, because, with the help of improved web-based publishing platforms and customized printing services, Agora publishing gives you the required relief and makes your path to publishing great books exciting. The publishing service also leaves you with varying good editing and printing options

There are differing views and negative mindsets about choosing self-publishing but just have a good look at its positive sides and benefits:

A.    Better control of your creativity

Of utmost importance in self-publishing is that you are totally in charge of the entire publishing process of your book, from writing to editing, designing and getting it on hard copy – which could be done on demand. In traditional publishing houses, your work may be over edited the juicy parts and essence of your hard work taken off – all those months or years of hard work.  Agora Publishing services give a lot of option and great ideas to choose from. You would decide how exactly you want your work done and it stays that way.

B.     Speedier marketing exposure

You can hit the market faster and in time too with self-publishing. Editors and managers of traditional publishing houses, most times take excess time running into years just to publish one work – probably because of other piles of work in their office. Sometimes, the work may never get published especially for new writers whose book may not be found ‘worthwhile’ for publishing by the editors. So you can break through your market walls and get your readers attention with agora self-publishing service in just a little or no time at all.

C.     Better financial reward

Financing the whole publishing process and promotion offers yourself is not always easy, but you are comforted with the fact that after your hard works, your financial rewards and profits is all yours to enjoy unlike in traditional publishing. There will be no greedy editor or literary agent to steal your reward of labour.

D.    You are absolutely in charge of the price

With self-publishing, you would decide what price tag your book would bear. You can choose a sensible price tag (not too low to be misjudged by your readers or too high to chase off potential buyers). You create this price balance with the help of our publishing services and get your audience reading.

E.     Better publishing  guarantee

As a determined writer, you can publish any book at whatever time you so desire if you are in charge of the publishing process. Publishing houses would only publish books that they believe will make a lot of money but self-publishing gives every writer equal chance at success.

F.      Proximity to your locality

Moreover, the Agora Publishing service is just in your locality and within your reach. It’s all to your advantage; make your work a lot easier and exciting.

The publishing services of Agora are available now for both casual and career authors, businesses and organizations all over Halifax and beyond. There are downsides to self-publishing, but you can count on Agora Publishing in Halifax to help you break through and join authors and bestsellers that have self-published their way to literary success.


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