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Chasing the Dragon-Are You Chem-friendly? (book 1)

Candy Flipping - The Sex and Drug Cocktail (book 2)

Double Bubble - Inside Britain’s Prisons (book 3)

By Cameron Yorke

Things could not have been better! With a new apartment in a smart part of London, a new boyfriend, a successful career as a travel writer, and some exciting documentary production opportunities on the horizon, it seemed Cameron had the world at his feet. Three months later, it had all gone horribly wrong! The boyfriend had left, with the contents of the bank account, and there were problems with the films which had been entered to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in three days time. If he had any chance of recouping his investment his only option was to forge ahead with the plans, attend the festival and sell both films to Television networks. Flying home afterwards, broke, depressed, suffering from prolonged lack of sleep, and still grieving his lost relationship, with neither film sold and no idea how he would support himself, He throws himself into his work, chasing every lead and following up every opportunity for the future whilst desperate to earn an immediate income. This only compounds his problems and he finds himself drowning in a sea of black depression and anxiety, some days finding it difficult to crawl from his bed. Then along comes crystal methamphetamine!

Eager to leave the house, and keen to put his disastrous relationship behind him, he figures the best way to get over a man is to get under another! Turning to gay dating site Grindr,pretty soon he has agreed to meet up with a cute Brazilian guy in a pub in North London. Having been in relationships his entire adult life, with little more than a month between each one, he has no experience of the dating scene and how it has changed over the past twenty years. When the date invites him to a party, he has no idea what is in store for him and how this one night will change his life forever!

What follows is a foray into a world of experimentation with recreational drugs, which he very quickly realises take away the pain, stress and anxiety and make him feel good again. Once high, all inhibitions are lost. Sex with multiple partners in one night seems normal and in fact feeds his ego, and for a few short hours, gives him back the confidence and self esteem he has been missing for so long, validating his need to be liked, attractive and accepted. From here it is a slippery slope as the drugs start to take over his life, and when a friend suggests he start selling them to supplement his income for a couple of weeks, its seems the most logical idea in the world. This initiates a business which very quickly grows into an enormous juggernaut from which there is no escape, and the story follows Cameron and those around him, in their experiences with cocktails of various drugs, combined with sex, in what has now been labelled Chemsex.

Chemsex is a culture which has reached epidemic proportions within gay communities worldwide, and is rapidly ruining thousands of relationships, careers and in fact lives as once high, perception and judgement become impaired, and the bizarre rapidly becomes the new normal. This is a culture which affects normal, successful middle class professionals, and is gaining momentum with lightning speed, for young and old alike

The Chemsex Trilogy is broken into three distinct stages:

  1. Initiation, experimentation and indulgence with chemsex, demonstrates how quickly normal sane successful people can find themselves sucked into a downwards spiral as boundaries are crossed in the rollercoaster of extreme highs, followed by devastating lows, wracked with guilt and shame of which the only relief is to ingest more drugs, fuck like rabbits, and forget about everything for another six hours.
  2. Indulgence, accusation and addiction. This book follows Cameron’s arrest and interaction with the police, lawyers and the court system, along with gangster type suppliers who create a different kind of pressure in forcing him to sell more and more, under threat of violence towards himself and those close to him. Meanwhile he becomes steadily addicted to drugs and chemsex, as self-medication for his depression.
  3. Arrest, sentencing and incarceration. Arrested again with a large quantity of drugs found in his flat, denied bail and remanded into custody, this book tells the real story about coming off the drugs, but also of life inside Britains penitentiaries - the squalid, inhumane conditions, lack of support, monumental taxpayer waste, with a government who has no thought towards prison reform, rehabilitation or reducing reoffending , so that often newly released inmates have no option but to reoffend in order to survive.

This series is a memoir and according to the Author, his goal is that it will support victims as a message of hope, but also to let them know they are not alone. It also serves as a self help manual to raise awareness of this culture, not only as a deterrent for those thinking of trying it, but also to help partners, friends and family of victims gain a better understanding of the cycle, the signs, and what they are going through. It has already been used by probation officers in gaining an understanding of the phenomenon which is responsible for the increasing numbers of cases with which they now deal, and it is hoped that eventually the British Government might start to take notice in forming policy, and treat this as an illness rather than solely as a crime, as to date, whilst acknowledging that there is a problem, they have no idea how to tackle it. The proceeds of this series are used to fund a charity ‘The Cameron Yorke Foundation’ which supports victims of chemsex.

All three books in the series can be read on their own or in sequence, and all are available in either paperback or ebook from all good booksellers.






Chasing the Dragon 978-1549938269

Candy Flipping      978-1549930614

Double Bubble      978-1973520405

Bookseller: www.amazon.com/author/cameronyorke

Cameron A. Yorke is author of -

'The Chemsex Trilogy’

Chasing the Dragon - Are You Chem-friendly?

Candy Flipping - The Sex and Drug Cocktail

Double Bubble - Inside Britain’s Prisons

Tales of My travels - Europe

Coming soon;

The Deported - Citizenship by Criteria

Shotguns & Vodka - Living in the Riga


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