Same Sex Marriages: culture changing


Throughout the world same sex relationships have been allowed for thousands of years without discrimination. In the North America this topic of debate has heated up in recent years. This is mainly due to the influence that major religions have had on the development of the legal system and fundamental views of the current society. The majority of the places have laws banning same sex marriage or constitutional amendments doing so. According to the affirmative side of the debate, the effects of same sex marriages are nearly exclusively beneficial for a modern society of equal rights people.

Pitting religious views against rational views seems awfully unfair. Yet it is precisely what holds the threads of this debate and as many states are beginning to legalize same sex marriages these threads are tearing quickly. Do not let the momentum of same sex marriage be the determining factor because there is much evidence for both sides to use for argument sake. This topic represents a modern day civil rights movements of the 21th century with a fundamental cultural stand point on marriage at stake.


There are millions of people married in the United States and Canada. This loving act has many moral, legal and ethical effects on society. Throughout history the idea of homosexuality has been controversial and difficult to accept. In the last two decades, the treatment of homosexuals in the workplace and throughout our culture has improved dramatically. This leads to the necessity of understanding the effects of same sex marriages in many ways to fully appreciate the scope this change has and will continue to bring.


Many people disagree when it come to the treatment of homosexuals. This disagreement ranges from completely normal citizen with a sexual preference in the minority to completely psychotic person who needs rehabilitation immediately. In order to justify the ability to accept the change that comes from allowing same sex marriages, the effects should be considered in a non-biased research related arena that neither supports nor condones of this act.


The major objectives of this column are not to ensure the success or failure of same sex marriages. Beyond the ability to function properly in society, which includes the attempt procreate and stimulate the benefits of being a citizen, the justifications cannot be maintained by mere research and requires an objective opinion to produce justifiable solutions to same sex marriage benefits and consequences. 


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