Canada's Olympic women soccer team face archons against U.S.


There are many Canadians including those from the women’s soccer team who have been criticizing Norwegian referee Christina Pedersen for back-to-back bad calls in last Monday‘s game against the U.S. However, a critical observer of our prevailing economic system may not be so quick to be too harsh on Ms. Pedersen. Indeed, Dr. John Lash documents critical Pagan Gnostic insights on the “archons”, and how this alien-like consciousness concentrates itself on Earth’s authority systems, and on how that results in the manifestation of the kind of corruption we Canadians, observed in the London Stadium, and on our television sets on 6 August.

Dr. Lash insights appear to suggest that the “archons” infiltrate our human time-space as “ghost-like entities” “of negative energy” that seek out “like-minded” “human hosts”.

The apparent result are humans that are possessed by the need to “divide, conquer, and control” so as to maintain control of the “powerful” over “the weak”, the “rich over the poor”, the “big against the small”; and the “masculine over the feminine” through sexism; one race over the other races through racisms that undermines human quality-of-survival.

The Archons apparently present themselves as aliens in our Earthbound human time-space in order to exploit elements of the human consciousness that developed a fear of aliens in Hollywood movies that based upon Dr. Michael Salla‘s insights have in turn been the orchestrations of Archons.

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