NHL Lockout ignores fans perspective


When you witness athletes in a lockout, you can't help but wonder if they care about the average Joe.  They earn millions of dollars but sometimes do not realize it is us, the fans who pay their salaries.  We are the ones who purchase tickets, merchandise and proudly wear their name on our back.  Then you have the owners, who make it seem like they couldn't care less about the game of hockey and are just in it to make a buck. 

During the last lockout in 2004, it took years for the game to regain the fans trust.  This time around we won't be as forgiving.  Hockey is about the game, the sound of skates on ice is music to the fans ears but all we hear now is bickering from owners and players. 

Whose fault is it?  We don't care.  We just want to see our favourite teams and our favourite players lighting up the lamp again.  Hockey is like a religion in Canada.  We consider ourselves the best in the world.  Most of us grew up playing hockey, whether it is road hockey or ice hockey, we dreamt about being in the NHL. 

How much we would not think about how much we would make, we would think about scoring the overtime winner in overtime during game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. 

How many of us while playing street hockey would use that scenario?  Just imagine how the youth of this country and countries throughout the world feel at this moment with no hockey. 

The kid inside of us is disappointed even more.  Every day the lockout goes on we become further detached from hockey. 

The fans voice needs to be heard.  We should be a part of the negotiating process.  After all, we are the ones that pay the salaries, fill the seats in the arena and purchase merchandise. 

We the fans should have more of a role.  But our role is relegated to suffering.  We want our hockey back.  Get it done soon, after all, we might not be that forgiving this time around.

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