Tim Tebow’s Attempted Comeback to… Baseball?

Yup, that’s right!

As you already know, former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow held a showcase in California in order to try to convince some scouts that he has what it takes to be at least a serviceable MLB player.

But after that showcase, the only serious offer Tebow’s agent got came from “Aguilas del Zulia,” a Venezuelan winter league team, which season starts in October 6th, and goes all the way to December 31st, unless they advance to the playoffs in which case they have to play through January, and in case of winning the finals, they’d play during the first week of February in the Caribbean Series.

According to most of the scouts in attendance, Tebow is not a five-tool player, but is somewhat usable, some consider him “replacement level” other scouts consider he is a “diamond in the rough” due to his athleticism, and his willingness to try harder than anyone and with the right team and coaching staff (probably a rebuilding team or a strong farm system) he could be an above-average player soon enough.

The problem with these assessments, is that he’s not getting any younger and a rookie baseball player in his 30’s is not the most desirable asset in Major League Baseball.

But according to ESPN’s Pedro Gómez, he may have some other suitors beyond “los aguiluchos.”

According to sources linked to the aforementioned journalist, there’s some degree of interest coming from the Atlanta Braves, and the Colorado Rockies.

And that makes some sense, especially considering that both teams are in rebuilding mode, so they can allocate resources in this kind of low risk gamble.

In the case of the Rockies, their case may be a stronger one, because Tim Tebow is still a beloved player to most of the Denver Broncos fan base, and a conversation topic in every sport bar, you could even imagine the Colorado Rockies’ #15 Jersey being a hot selling item, and the landslide of cash going into the Rockies coffers.