Joint Cricketism: Indo-England imposes will on Sri Lanka and South Africa

Sri Lankan government is indeed thrilled to see that finally India offered a full 100 to one of the Lankan batboys. In fact, Lankans did not expect such a turnaround luck smiling on them as only they are supposed offer 100s and more to Indian guests. Did Lankan president used his diplomatic channel to talk to New Delhi for a speedy 100 runs for the highly disappointed Lankans?

South Africans have already got a 100 but English masters sill refuses to make Amla happy with his usual quota of 100. UK fails him while South Africans continue to  offer bog runs  English bowler Moin Ali. The Africans might offer him 100 to make England score cross 400 in the second inning, thereby laving a big score to  the visitors to chase down. South Africans have decided to lose and make their English bosses celebrate.

Of course the bowlers can offer any number of runs to any batboy as per the understanding or mafia dictates or even their own whim and similarly  the regime can offer top national award to any cricket showman  of their  choice- none can question these frauds.

Can they be? Can the corporate media that exist thanks to the dirty money power?

Indo-UK m bossism: Joint cricketism: South Africa serves UK masters

Clearly, as a former colony South Africa plays cricket for Langland. Neither the bowlers nor the batboys are interested in defeating the masters who taught them the tricks like 4s and 6s and 100s. South Africa now offers big score to Uk and make the Queen pretty happy l.

Interestingly, after winning the test one comfortably with false Lankan bowling, India also got the test-2 as well with the priory arranged first innings advantage. But one interesting thing has happened which is not entirely Indian mind. After comfortable lead in the first innings, India let Lankans to follow on and offered one full 100 and a couple of 50 before winning the match again conformably.

The question is how Kolhi skipped his “fabulous” 100 that Lankans would have given in the second innings if India chose to bat again. Did Sirisena ordered Indian team in Lanka to make Lankan gust happy, too?

Interestingly, Lankan batboys and peole around are very happy. SL boys hit 4s and ones and two with a smile as they knew the change of Indian mind to feel the weak boys form Sirisena’s country.

After letting India win comfortably in the first test Sri Lanka seems to have decided to make India shine by offering  another big score in the first innings in the range of  600-700 runs  to stronger India. India cannot be challenged by Sri Lanka in any manner so Indian teams has be promoted in cricket.

In the first test in the first innings, SL bowlers offered exactly 600 runs, enough for Indian batboys for India to win the match comfortably In the second test also SL bowlers now are f offering big score to India to ensure their another "historic" win.

SL bowlers The make sure the run-rate of SL batboys dont fall sharply and keep adding more 4s so that India is steady.

IN the first test, Koli could not get his "fabulous" 100 in the first innings so SL bowlers offered him a special 100 in quick runs in the second innings.

In the ongoing second test also, Koli fell without this "historic" 100 and he is damn sure Sl bowlers would offer him 100 in the second innings as in the first test.

Kolhi got Padmashri award last year and this year BCCI and corporate sponsors want Pujara to be offered a national award as he is managing 100s. So, Kolhi is not at all worried about his quick fall, leaving Pujara at the crease. He wanted to show Pujara deserves the national award this year from Modi.

That is cricket which controls Indian governments, both federal and regional.

Test cricket is meant to offer big 100s to batboys in both innings and if one of them could get one 100, then the second innings will take care of it as the opponent team is sure to help the other team as well for return favors for their own batboys. .

UN must declare test cricket bogus and all records fake too.

If Modi and Sirisena decide to share 100s, who will be offered more 100s and will they also get national awards? Obviously- that would be Modi!

In the first test, Sri Lankan bowlers toil in the hot sun to offer big score to India with  a couple of 100s, 50s and  batboys Dhawan had almost reached the “historic’ 200 but with a short of a couple of runs he fell. India thinks Lankans have tried to be over smart with India and for which Lanka would have to pay. But Lankans would argue that they have done no harm to Indian batboys and they just threw the ball to Dhawan for   him to choose the shot- 4 or 6 but he fell.  In the second innings also, Lankans toiled on the field to give a quick 100 to Indian captain Kolhi mostly in 4s and expected India to  return the  hard favors they received from Lankans. . But India plays mischief and remove FDM Karunaratne at 98 runs, thereby making him cry loud and even President Sirisena would have felt the  hard pinch of Indians. India did not show any mercy.  So now Lankans are being  punished to offer big score for the visitors.

As it stands, if they want a full 100 from India, Lankans must offer 300 runs to a couple of batboys plus the usual 50s. SL batboys have not got a 100 in this series, though they are kind to Indian batboys. .

Lankans are taking a big risk in offering good marks to Lankan batboys, but India just want to win and shine. They have got some good bowlers but the batboys are just as useless as in other teams and they can hit only when their bowlers are weak or offer too many runs.

The cricket regimes or their judiciaries won’t do anything to other batboys and cricket board. But the UU has a duty before the world in exposing match fixing in cricket and ban the  test cricket  once for all

Indian mercy

While Sri Lanka continues for promoting Indian prestige in joint cricket exercise in Colombo where India are the honored guests to enjoy everything that is offered to them as Lankans are supposed to offer big scores for the team in the first innings and 100s and more as individual score to the “known” batboys and if they fail to make merry at the crease fall unexpectedly quickly, then the bowlers also get a chance to amass big scores. With additional runs meant for batboys.

Interestingly, South African cricketers are worse than Lankans in both bating and bowling as they do not let the opponent England to lose the match and if the batboys do nt get enough runs, they offer big runs to bowlers to make the English score somewhat ‘respectable’ and good though they would lose the match as batboys would collapse against the boys of London Queen.

Like India and Lanka, England and South Africa also plays for 100s. England and India play joint strategy to somehow fool the world.

Who decides the teams for match series?

Apparently  the ICC, controlled by UK and India, decides as who should lay against whom and who should win the series, etc as well as who all should be given 100s for their onward  move in ranking  for national awards  as well as the ICC awards

 It is the ICC makes rules to favor the batboys and make bowling work difficult.

Big teams must play against weak ones to get easy 100s and more. England does not play against Australia as often as it plays against weak teams with prior agreements.

 Of late, one nasty development is taking place very fast.  More and more bowlers take to bating for fame as bowling has no place in awards and money schemes. Initially some bowlers get big score as batboy fall quickly and unexpectedly and now it is becoming an order of the day. Not only in test but even in one-dayers and 20/20 the situation is explosive. As a result, the boulders don’t bowl properly but only offer big runs hoping for return favor to person.

Thus the IC and cricket board in every country is killing bowling strategies. 

ICC also decides which team can have effective bowlers and which team should not have. So, England and India should have good bowlers.

This leads to another crucial issue. Cricket is not a new entertainment.  It is being played for centuries and every fool in cricket knows the effective and serious bowlers are important to win any match. Apparently, South Africa now thinks it can win without good batboys and bowlers. One is not sure if South Africans in London palsy for the Queen’s prestige and British image.

All these years the cricket world has deliberately kept the bowlers less used or underused and they are asked not to deny runs to big batboys and never try to take their valuable wickets. The job of bowlers, therefore, is to offer the baters big scores in quick 4s and 6s, etc s that when they get 50s and 100s etc they would run from one end of the field to another with the lifted up bats and they even show the bat to the spectators as if they have achieved something unique and great what the mountaineers achieve by scaling the mountains in one go.

For the corrupt corporatist regime, all national frauds in the name of fake records are their friend and allies and they deserve national honors. 

But the batboys are helped by fellow batboys, opponent bowlers and fielders as well as cricket mafia of corporate lords that sponsor the matches to complete the “historic” 100s. 

Cricketers believe it is easier to get awards and money by listening to mafia and coronate lords who make “wonders” for the crickets to get 100s than doing any sincere hard work or seeking to change pro-batboy rotten rules with genuine neutral rules.

Indo-UK control rains  

It can be a strange phenomenon but it is true. Only the intelligence community and scientific community know all about it. Mafias  get information about the  possible use of rains to help India or UK as the case may be  

Since UK and its terror ally India control cricket entirely, they also control ICC, rules and crate rains to defeat a team that they don’t want to win and only they could win

Now India has already won the both tests and there was no need for rains to disturb the opponents-Lankans. . But between UK and South there seems to be a fight though the latter also plays for the UK.  It seems England  is not winning the fourth and final test match/ UK has already bated its second innings and the totals nearing 400 runs. But UK is not very sure of winning this so rains have come to its rescue.  If match ends in a draw and get canceled England would win the series as it has 2 wins against one for South Africa. If South Africa wins,  UK cannot win the series as both will end 2-2.  But UK is playing with SA not to lose or draw but to win so that it can shine as the top cricket team alongside India. .

India shares the intelligence of not only terrorism but also crickctism. India offers tips on the basis of intelligence to England and UK also does the same to help India when it is required.


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