India: Cricket fixings for cash and prestigious national awards!

Apparently, Indian regime wants the BCCI and all sport departments to fix the outcomes of games in India’s favor and, having succeeded in its mischief, it readily offers to the players national awards and high posts in government and military. Like Pakistan, India also believes it can hope for wins only in cricket as mutual fixings are rampant in this entertainment cum gambling.  India and its master England are now seen cooperating with each other with mutual counseling and playing joint mischief in cricket. Both invariably use satellites to generate rains if their opponent teams try to defeat them.  Though they also know the “rain” gimmicks, the opponents meekly approve all that as being part of cricketism.

And thus cricket fixings go on without any hindrance and also the looting of national awards by fakes. Indian regime may be proud of such operations to boos the image of players and prestige of nation. .

As a practical nation, India believes only in joint cricket exercises mainly because that strategy helps the batboys get 100s from the opponent bowlers and these big runs are necessary for looting national awards, huge money bags and heavy military posts among other preventives, denying them to genuine social workers, public servants, writers, honest politician, committed top officers, senior military personnel, police officers, others.

Entertainers are accorded high seats in India by the rulers. Apparently, thus, Politicians and entertainers jointly loot the nation. Bribery is welcome too.

Al Jazeera has exposed three former international cricket players who were prepared to take money to fix matches. Instead of ruining their reputations, these players should have simply tried using Genting Bet Sport promo code 2019.  Indeed, such match-fixing undermines the integrity of cricket as a sport. Notably, the three players agreed to play in a tournament being set up solely for the purpose of match-fixing.  They were secretly filmed by undercover reporters, posing as wealthy potential sponsors, during meetings in Qatar and Sri Lanka. 

Cricketers admit that cricket cannot be played like any real sport for its unpredictability and hence fixing for scores, 100s and 50sand 200s etc should be the order of this entertainment.

In India, literally everyone is pushed to play a sort of cricket and players are happy to give 50s, 100s, etc and get the same from the bowling players.

The game being played during the early days is continued for ever with every little variation- official fixings and fixings through mafia gangs.

Indian rulers are funny corrupt people who promote corruption and match fixings for profits, they treat cricket as politics but politics is not a serious thing for many.

Today, if anybody wants to get national awards they could take a stick and play cricket on roads and streets. They need not study and need not be intelligent but they should know how to read the signals passed on to them from the galleries. The BCCI and mafias of corporate lords do the rest.

BCCI would like to get every national award from Padma to Bharatrna to crickets for their 100s got by mutual understanding or mafia/cricket board fixings. BCCI is being financed and controlled by the corporate lords and MNCs who have close nexus with the government-both federal and state ones. .

Meanwhile, it is a national shame that Indian government and its regional varieties  do not consider those who work tirelessly for the nation for prestigious national awards but pick only entertainers-drunkards, cum smokers  who come to felid to make money.

The government decisions cannot be questions because that would be construed anti-national. BCCI keeps sending a list of cricketers who should be offered Padma awards as they get 100s, take catches and sump balls, etc.  India’s top political leaders ruling the country by and engaged corruption just obey the BCCI and its corporate sponsors.

When the Congress party decided to offer the nation’s highest honor Bharatratna for a batboy Sachin who got 100s through mutual understating between the cricket boards and mafia mediations, India only slapped on its own face, on national prestige.

BCCI and corporate lords have already proposed a middle level national award to Dhoni for his wicket catches. He is a very tactic businessman with a huge establishment that mint money and wants Bharatratna or nest level post so that he can, like Tendulkar, retire from cricket field. Dhoni’s contribution to the fixed cricketism is fixing the score the team that bats first, that is, the team that bats first should be offered minimum of runs, say 260 in IDI, 140 in T20 and so on. And India generally is offered the chance to bat first. Dhoni come 6th or 7thor 5th depending on the situation. If the main batboys collapse without enough runs in their packets then Dhoni would be given a lot of runs so that the “minimum score” conditions fulfilled by the bowling team. Dhoni wants top national awards for his tactics. Not a fool. He knows how Indian government works.

Indian corporate government has already fixed Dhoni and Sachin, many others in military establishment with heavy, unserving post which a solder gets only after many years of selfless most dangerous services and after huge sacrifices.

Apparently, Australians have come to India without any preparation or practices. Just they had taken the bats (balls would be provided by the umpires) and took the early fight to reach India.  Generally, each team exchanges the members of the team well in adamant so that the teams prepare well to face each and every player- batboy and bowler. But Australia did not do that and brought a weak team without any real bowlers. So much so, one gets the impression that only Indian batboys and bowlers are great and all others are fools and without even imaginations, including the supposedly top team like Australians.  

It looks Australia has been told by India BCCI not to harm Indian interests and help India celebrate greatness at least in cricket. So, Australians, most of them are Indian property as they have been purchased for IPL in India, and they need Indian cash- both while and black.

Australia has been invited by BCCI to play a series of matches to promote the “award interests” of innocent looking but very cunning Indian cricketers. And the guests from Australia have done well so far. They don’t make any effort to win but happy to get only some 50s and 100s as service charges.

How can military establishment accept an entertainer as their leader?

It has become a habit for Indian government as well as state governments to offer big administrative posts meant for senior IAS and IPS officers – why?

Are the administrators and entertainers one and the same? If cricketers are made ministers that make some sense because most politicians and ministers perform like entertainers.

How can these entertainers who make 100s by cheap and unethical means be top police offers?


Indian regime thinks by honoring the fakes and extracurricular people it in fact honors itself and India. The kind of bogus and fanatic feeling is unfair.

Not just the cricket board BCCI and sports departments that strongly recommend for national awards of higher levels and big administrative posts for 50s/100s the batboys get by mutual fixing and with the help of fellow batboys, and largely thanks to batboy friendly pitches. Politicians who rule the nation and states, teat fixings for 100s, 50s and even goals as par with their own method of horse-trading for MLAs and MPs, protect the interests of corporate lords and their recommendations for awards and cash.  

Of course, cricket not a real sport of substance but only an ugly entertainment with fixings for 100s and 50s, etc. States and governments promote this gambling as their duty as part of capitalism for money for the rich and corporate lords and cricketers.

In cricket the strong and rich countries that can offer big money and shall have upper hand and they are allowed by the weak and dependent nations to win matches and series. Very simple! This is right now happening between England and West Indies and also Australia and India, though Australia is not a beggar nation. West Indies deliberately loses to England even after taking the needy wickets. If batboys fall early then quick runs are offered to tail enders, bowlers. That is indeed the master-slave mentality.

Of course, India and England are important nation to promote cricket as an “important” entertainment.

Government should promote genuine things and people who work for the the development of nation for their social and societal or public work, but India promotes corrupt people, fake entertainers, cricketers who get runs by mutual fixings.

How can a government equate entertainment with administration by offering very big administrative posts to sports people, cricketers, actors and the like? The prestigious Padma awards of all categories should be reserved only for serious people not for entertainers, actors, cricketers or sport people.  A small post like Padmashri or an equivalent could be given to them only as their life time achievement and nothing more. All these extracurricular people should be offered awards meant exclusive for their profession, may be in plenty. 

Offering Bharatratna to a cricketer or an entertainer or a person who manages a few 100 runs in cricket makes a big mockery of prestige of such national awards. It is time to cancel all such awards and give them only to the deserving persons who are in public service.

Notwithstanding the fact that genuineness and reliability of all scores and even wickets are in darkness, the regime, after help the team win the matches even by generating rains  by satellite  means, also  offers national awards and top administrative posts even in  military and police, intelligence – is it not a mischief on the nation?   

India must promote honest politicians and committed police personal and military personnel for Padma-Bharatratna awards. Giving them to drunkards and smokers, frauds, liars etc would undermine the importance of the awards.

Indian government while deciding the annual awards must go beyond accepting the recommendations of frauds for fakes. It needs to search for genuine persons and reliable records and if it does not find any, it can wait for another year so that people become serious instead of offering the prestigious awards on fakes.  


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