Delaware family reports UFO encounter

A Delaware couple reports having a UFO sighting followed by two family members who had separate incidents where they saw a "white hooded figure" in the same room, according to August 24, 2011, testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The husband first stepped outside on August 23, 2011, at 10 p.m. and observed "a strange bright light, brighter than a star in the South Southwest Sky just under and to the left of the Big Dipper. It seemed as if it may have been 10 to 20 miles away."

"It had multicolored lights moving around the bright light horizontally while the bright white light was pulsating in a rhythmic fashion," the witness stated. "The multicoloured lights changed color almost as if the colors were smoothly changing from colour to colour like a prism or color wheel. This immediately got my attention. I continued to watch for 15 minutes and noticed that it did not move, at least not that I could perceive."

When his wife joined him outside, she noticed two additional lights.

"The other two lights were smaller and only white with no other colors like the initial anomaly. All three formed a triangle. The other two were only visible for 10 – 15 minutes. We videod what we saw, but because of the lighting on the ground it seems as if we didnt get anything."

A nearby friend also confirmed the lights. And at 11:30 p.m., the husband stepped outside and discovered that the lights had moved to another location in the sky. He states that he focused on the object and asked questions about what it was and its intentions.

"Immediately, my son came running out the front door in a panic. He told me when he came down stairs for a drink he saw a white hooded figure out of the corner of his eye. He said it looked like a white towel floating in the air and it moved. He said when he turned to look at it, it vanished. He was visibly shaken. I listened to his description then comforted him and tucked him in bed."

All family members were asleep by 1 a.m., but the man's wife also had an unusual story in the morning.

"The next morning my wife tells me she came downstairs in the middle of the night and saw a hooded white figure with no face in the same spot in the office as my son had seen. They had not spoken of this to each other. The difference was that she saw it facing her with just a black area where a face should be. She was visibly shaken and had goose bumps as she recounted her experience. She said that although it was very real and bizarre, she felt at peace and it did not scare her."

The wife and the son both made sketches of what they had seen. Wife: Image # 1, and Son: Image # 2


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