Brothers recall encounter with UFO and ape-like Extraterrestrials


( -- I was 4 years old and my two brothers were 12 and 14. We were moving some dirt around in the backyard of our home. My brothers remember hearing a screaching sound, which sent them running to the front yard to hopefully see a cool car speeding away. After their disappointment they returned to the back where we noticed, near the same time, a disk shaped ship hovering over the back of our next door neighbors house. I saw the door slide open and a short (3 foot tall) ape-like being walk out onto a narrow catwalk that appeared to encircle the ship.

He walked a few steps to my right and kneeled down and opened a small door on the side of the craft. He used a small tool to make some type of adjustment, and closed the small door before returning inside. While he was out, a second being walked to the door and watched him. The second guy was taller, maybe 5 feet. They were both covered in thick brown hair, but well groomed.

Both were wearing a coverall but not anything resembeling a space suit like our NASA guys wear. After the door slid back down, the ship started ascending at a slow speed. When it reached about 100 Feet, it ascended almost straight up and out of sight in 1 or 2 seconds.

The beings made no audible communication between each other, and didn't pay any attention to the 3 boys silently staring at undoubtable proof of life on other planets. My brothers knew they were looking at alliens, I didn't. I knew I had never seen anything like this before, but I wasn't old enough to know what an allien was. My oldest brother and I remember almost all the details the same, but our middle brother is now schitzofrenic. His recollection is light years away from what really happened.


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Excellent story .
When I was about 7 years old my brother and I saw a black triangle craft about 15 meters over our heads, completely silent. It was travelling much less than walking speed across the road before shooting about 2miles away almost instantaneously. My brother said it was a UFO. I thought oh, what's a UFO? Lol .
Thanks for sharing !
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