World War III and Iran: Ordered Coffins linked to Nuclear War sceanrio



In the above video, former American governor and navy seal videos mass coffins ordered in apparent preparation for a World War III sceanrio.

The FEMA coffins were patented as “multi-functional cremation containers” for dead bodies.

The patent indicates that the coffins are part of a plan in which people are to be killed in large numbers before they are placed in the coffins for transportation in FEMA trains to FEMA camps where incinerators are reported to be in place.

There have been credible reports of 500,000 FEMA coffins stacked in Georgia, close to FEMA IV’s regional headuqarter’s in Atlanta.

A local landowner is reported to have said that the coffins belong to the Center of Disease Control, a center affialated with WHO, and also based in Atlanta, Georgia.


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