Alien Agenda: Adolf Hitler’s escape and UFO cults foreshadow World War III?


Adolf Hitler escaped capture at the end of World War II. Hilter’s body was never found. Then in 2001, history begins to repeat itself. Is this a coincidence?

Jerry Russell observes history repeating itself in his article titled “911 and the Reichstag Fire: have we seen this show before?” Since 9/11, why has there been an apparent corresponding pattern of oppressive pre-emptive wars that so closely resembled Hitler’s “blitzkrieg” and “Lebensraum“ justification?

Why does U.S. Presidential “Executive Orders” documented by Alex Jones and other investigative researchers so closely resemble Adolf Hitler’s “Enabling Acts”? Why are there so many other similarities between the build-up to World War II and our current era? Is it also another coincidence that the Gulf of Mexico disaster was apparently on Hitler’s...

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