UFOs: Archon formation over NORAD may foreshadow World War III


A Colorado Springs witness shows orbs over a military base for North American military operations. Is this a coincidence? And what is the significance of orbs repeating a sequence of “three” in diverse reported UFO sightings which now include a sighting over NORAD?

Colorado Springs is located in South-Central Colorado, in the southern portion of the U.S. state.

There have been growing concern across the world about the spectre of a World War III. Growing conflicts with Iran, and the spread of wars in the Middle East have left many people to conclude that each day brings us one step closer to a World War III scenario. Many people also seem to be wondering how can we avoid such a scenario.

Could the formation of “three” orbs over a military base be linked to an alien telegraphed message to humanity about a possibly imminent outbreak to a “Third World War”?

“Three” is also a very numerically significant number described by ancient Pagan Gnostics. “Three” is apparently worshiped by demonic aliens referred to...

More information?  Go to: http://www.examiner.com/article/ufos-archon-formation-over-norad-may-foreshadow-world-war-iii?cid=db_articles

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