Extraterrestrials: Veterans report battle against UFOs


Gordon Duff, the senior editor of the popular website, Veterans Today, has recently stirred up quite a controversy with his claims in September that a joint Chinese US naval task force has been battling UFOs off the coast of San Francisco.

This attracted considerable media attention, and he has followed up the claim with an October 20th posting on the Veterans Today blog.  This bog features a radio interview from October 16th in which Duff talks about a briefing document he saw in 1982 while he was working for an unnamed government agency.  The document originated with an alleged secretive Archontic committee which was working, allegedly, to formulate a government policy regarding alien life.  Nothing too outrageous there, but Duff claims that the report referred to two treaties between the USA and other countries and extraterrestrial civilizations, including one between President Dwight Eisenhower and a hostile alien power that wished to be able to kidnap a number of citizens from the United States in order to slaughter them.

This supposed confirmation of aliens doing battle on earth, does little to calm the controversy as it is unclear whether Duff is revealing the contents of a genuine top secret document, or whether he was in fact recruited to help spread propaganda, when the time was right, to help a so-called false flag operation.

There have been other alleged secretive committee documents released.  They have all been thoroughly investigated by UFO researchers, including at least one nuclear physicist, who judge most of them to be genuine.  However, none of the other documents refer to any type of treaty with aliens as Duff suggests. One has to wonder what kind of pressure an alien power could bring to bear on the President of the United States to force him to sign a treaty that would give away US citizens as if they were cattle.

The scenario that Duff was recruited seems the more likely, but raises the question – who by?  It is possible that the Veterans Today’s editor may have been unwittingly recruited to spread disinformation regarding the alien terrorists by a race of ‘Archon controllers’. The Archons are terrestrial beings that take over ordinary human beings in order to bring about a world of gloom and despair that better suits their natures.

On the other hand, it could have been the US government, in collaboration with other countries that invented the idea of alien terrorists.  Fighting alien terrorists would allow them to impose more stringent security rules, enhance their power, create extensive advanced technologies as well as clamp down on alien whistle blowers: the ultimate Big Brother state.

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