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UFO: More GOD entities encircle Sun

A comet known as Elenin has recently become a cause for controversy. While NASA states that the comet Elenin was destroyed in October of 2012, conspiracy theorists beg to differ. These theorists have another explanation for this comet. According to them, the comet is actually a cube piloted by cyborg-like lower dimensional aliens who want to assimilate the human race into their collective being. This theory is being supported by an extraterrestrial expert, Alex Collier, who appears to suggest that “writers of Star Trek: the Next Generation ‘were being prophetic’”in writing about the Borg.

Some theorists believe the God of the Bible is just a symbolic reference. Some believe that God actually refers to G.O.D an acronym for Galactic Obliteration Device that now encircles the sun and houses alien entities that are about to invade the earth. This, it seems, will be done with the help of the elites who worship them, that will at first appear to be against the "invading aliens". It turns out that from this theory there is evidence to prove that Jesus may be an artificial life form and that heaven is a way for us to be assimilated into the collective consciounsness of an artificial intelligence that has sought to rule over humanity.

While many may argue against this theory, some witnesses have recently given their accounts to suggest the evidence of these "GOD" entities encircling the sun. One of these witnesses is Scott C. Waring, the founder of UFO Sightings Daily. Waring reported on his online UFO reporting site about one of his sightings of UFOs around the sun on December 4,2012.The video footage obtained from NASA/SOHO seems to indicate that the UFOs are encircling the sun’s corona.

Waring believes there is a certain purpose to that behavioUr, stating they are: “Perhaps harvesting something from the sun or perhaps it’s a race of reptilian aliens that need the intense sunlight to survive.”  Unfortunately, NASA has yet to discuss this incident and will probably not do so in the future despite Russian scientists doing so.

Waring also goes on to state that the UFO activities seem to be on the increase, something those elites will be happy to hear. The purported archontic entities may be coming to earth - and soon.  Waring seems to agree somewhat with this theory, as evidenced by his opinion piece in his UFO Sightings Daily of December 4: “If you compare the size of the UFOs and the number, there seems to be a large increase in both...and with Dec 21, 2012 approaching, it makes me wonder what they are doing to the sun.”

It quite boggles the mind to see the Bible, Star Trek and UFOs tied up together so nicely.


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Carl Sagan said that the closest star that could have a life-supporting planet was so distant from us that any visitors from it would have to be of a non-physical nature. I leave it to you readers to ponder on the nature of a spiritual being who is establishing a belief system that replaces the idea of God and the Lord Jesus in people's minds and hearts? Very devilish, I'd say...

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