UFO: Aliens conceal human origins, teach Pyramid Power

Are humans violent and intolerant by nature? How did our species originate? Were we actually created in the image of the Gods or have we evolved from nothing? These are some fundamental questions that are often asked by people across the globe.

If we look at the violent, chaotic and intolerant state of affairs across the globe, we will realize that we might have not been created by a "Loving God". Also, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution also fails to explain why are degenerating as a species, rather than using our knowlege to care for each other more, and be better custodians for our planet Earth, which is vital  for the continuation of our species.

According to Scholars like Dr. Michael Cremo and elders like Credo Mutwa, Creation and Evolution are two sides of the same coin. These theories have been implanted by the regressive aliens called Archons, as part of broader systems of alien implanted systems of organized religion; politics; economic development from capitalism and so-called "communism"; the entertainment industry; military conquests; education, and diverse others.

The Archons do not want us to be aware of our true identity, because they believe that keeping humans ignorant of our true human origins enables the regressive aliens to mis-direct humanity away from our identity as beings of empathy, love and peace.

Aboriginal peoples who are aware of regressive alien influences on our so-called modern society have referred to this system as “Pyramid Power". Such "Pyramid Power" operates as a system of organized and institutionalized oppression that is apparently controlled by self-serving and ego-driven elites who sell humanity out  under the influence of regressive alien controllers. However, it also appears that regressive aliens who apparently prevail over Earth's oppressive institutions can only maintain "Pyramid Power" by keeping us, as humans, ignorant of our true human origins as beings who have been "de-evolved".

Dr. Michael Cremo claims that humans have actually de-evolved under the apparent influence of regressive aliens from a possibly more than billion year old human species of telepaths  and have not "evolved" from primates, as transhumanistic "evolutionists" claim. The ancient Gnostics called these regressive aliens the Archons, which are demonic and result in we, as humans mis-directing ourselves into a path of planetary self-destruction.

Dr. Cremo suggests that our human ancestors were humanoids, ands were not ape-like, or the creations of "supreme Gods"; and also that our human ancestors existed in a higher level of consciousness, than the one which is promoted by our prevailing modern global capitalist milieu.

The irony is that, certain scientific findings support this claim that humans have devolved over a period of time. Contrary to popular belief, many scientific studies have found that the human brain is shrinking, and is not expanding as Darwin claimed. Other scientific studies also support Dr. Cremo’s theory of human devolution.

Both Dr. Micheal Cremo and Credo Mutwa suggest that we, as humans we de-evolved from humans who still apparently exist as "transgender" telepaths without strictly defined gender identity in a parallel "organic universe". Alex Collier who is a voluntary contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials suggest that Earth and a population of humans were brought to this "artificial universe", and  that there are more than 100 billion people that Earthbound humans have been separated from as a result of an ongoing war between humans who are really billions of years old, and lower dimensional life forms that ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to as "artificial man" that seeks to implant a alien mind among the human elites that regressive aliens seek to control.

The ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to the ultimate controller of an artificial counterfeit universe that Earth is allegedly entrapped in as "Lord Archon" or the "Demiurge".

Researchers like David Icke and Dr. John Lash claims that the Archons control the rulers with the help of their abilities. With the help of the mass media they have taught ‘Pyramid Power’ to humans, in order to keep us away from embracing our true origins.


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