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UFO: Wars, Social Injustice creates Dimensional Vortex around Sun?

If it is true that we are masters of our fate, then perhaps we humans should be looking very carefully at what is happening here on Earth.

We all know that misery loves company and that negative energy tends to attract more negative energy. The other side of the coin is that positive energy tends to attract other positive energy. Energy on Earth is currently more negative than positive, what with wars, unremitting exploitation of natural resources, economic crises, and more wars. Is it possible that we humans, as spiritual biological beings, may be having an adverse effect on our reality?  Is it possible that all this negative energy is allowing the intrusion of regressive aliens from parallel realities?

Whether it happens on December 21st or not, our Earth is inching towards destruction, most likely through our wanton abuse of the planet and its finite resources, or whether  by means of - what did War Games call it - "Mutually Assured Destruction" through use of thermonuclear devices.

With all this going on, UFO sightings have increased. Many of these UFOs appear to be consistent with the regressive or "demonic" entities described by the ancient Pagan Gnostics as detailed by Dr. John Lash and the testimony of the late John Todd, once a self-described member of the Illuminati.

NASA’s SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) images seem to offer positive proof that UFOs are orbiting the sun’s corona.  Once you accept this fact, you have to ask yourself. “Why? What are they doing there?” Is it possible that the giant UFOs circling around the Sun are the direct manifestations of regressive entities harnessing the power of negative energies on Earth?

Scott C. Waring, founder and manager of the UFO site, UFO Sightings Daily has some ideas.  He concedes that NASA is not about to discuss the UFOs around the sun, in spite of the images on their website, and the fact that Russian scientists first reported them back in 2010.  Waring’s site gathers and disseminates reports of UFO sightings.  He has noticed an uptick in reports, as well as the fact that the UFOs seem to be getting larger.  Waring is well aware that the end of the Mayan calendar is fast approaching, and he wonders what these cube-shaped UFOs are doing near the sun.  He suggests that perhaps they are harvesting something from the sun or possibly the UFOs are manned by a race of reptilian aliens who need the intense sunlight to survive.

The Luciferian Liberation Front has its own interpretation. For them, these giant cubes are Galactic Obliteration Devices which may just be the agents of the end of times scenario the Mayans alluded to.  But the "LLF" does put forward the idea that if we are able to direct our collective consciousness as humans to embrace empathy, love and peace for one another, we may be able to avert the looming disaster.


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