UFO: Cylindrical Craft orbits International Space Station


A cylindrical craft has been observed orbiting the International Space Station on 16 December 2012.  This report has been obtained from documentation in UFO Sightings Daily who is edited by Scott Waring.  Mr. Waring notes that he had worked on the flight line of the United States Air Force at SAC base.  The UFO is consistent with the configuration of an alleged regressive alien craft which have been described by Dr. John Lash's Pagan Gnostic testimony on the Archons.

Mr. Waring describes the significance of the cylindrical UFO.

"This is a great catch of a cigar shaped UFO near the ISS. This happens almost daily, and if you watch the live cams you will see UFOs yourself. It may take a few hours and the ISS has to be on the light side to see them, but most UFOs near the ISS are grey metallic orbs seen in 75% of sightings reported on the cam."

Mr. Waring remains suprised at NASA's lack of comments on sightings of alien-like craft and entities that are captured on NASA's own video feed.

"You would think that with all the reported UFOs seen on the ISS live cam that NASA would at least talk about it once…but they can't because they know its real."

Mr. Waring appears to distrust NASA.

"This is why we distrust NASA…their blury satellite photos, their scientists who claim to find cities on the dark side of the moon then the next day NASA silences them, CNN broadcasts metallic orbs following the Shuttle Atlantis in orbit causing its delay and shows us raw footage of several UFOs, yet NASA is still silent."

A similar cylindrical UFO was documented by UFO Sightings Daily to be hovering over a Mexican volcano [second video below].

In the Lacerta Files [watch / listen below], the testimony of an alleged reptillian entity suggested that cylindrical crafts are under the control of such archontic entities.



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