UFO travels into Black Hole over Guelph, Ontario


According to MUFON sources, there have been reports of sighting an alien craft in Ontario. According to witness at near 9.15 PM on 18 December 2012, he saw the unidentified object in the sky. According to him

“I was walking North to home with my girlfriend when suddenly I noticed a bright light travelling in the air”.

The witness defines his first interpretation of the sighting.

“At first I thought it was a shooting Star but instantly I realized that it was actually changing its colors.”

The witness defined the object as moving fast across the sky until it reached a certain point turning into a white glowing colour.

“The object was moving as fast as ever and as it reached a point where it suddenly stopped and shot up in the sky turning completely white. From that point it started to move in an ascending direction towards the sky.”

The witness claims that the incident has changed his beliefs regarding UFOs.

“It was hard for me to believe in what I had just seen. My first thoughts were that people will think I have gone crazy”.

Initially what appeared to be a shooting star to the witness completely vanished after it starting ascending towards the sky or into the black hole. In the witness’s words

“The object after travelling across the sky suddenly halted and then started moving upwards in the sky until it completely disappeared into the black hole”.

The after effects of the sightings is explained by the witness

“The incident kept on messing with my mind all night long and I couldn’t get it out of my head”.

So far no other witness has reported the incident, however through the description received from the witness the actions clearly indicate growing appearances of UFOs in all parts of the world.

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