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Christmas UFO orbits International Space Station

Few of us have time to pore over NASA images of the Sun or the International Space Station looking for UFOs, so we are lucky to have Scott C. Waring and UFOSightingsDaily.com to point us towards the images which show something out of the ordinary.

Waring founded his site, UFOSightingsDaily.com, in order to help the UFO community get better organized, somewhere for eyewitnesses to tell their tale without facing ridicule from even close friends and family.  The site is full of reports from around the country and around the world of strange objects where they should not be.  A number of the reports come from Waring himself, and the source of his reports is usually NASA.

Waring posted images taken from the live cam feed from the International Space Station showing a UFO below the ISS on 25 December 2012. “It's seen and then suddenly disappears,” Waring commented.  This is not the first UFO he has captured near the ISS, from the live cam feed. (Can be accessed through this link: Nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/iss_ustream.html).

In fact Waring is convinced that anyone with a screen recorder and a little time to spare will see them too.  “If you watch the cam, you will see one.”


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