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UFO follows Passenger Aircraft

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A flight from New York to Texas was apparently followed by a UFO on 23 December 2012.  This information with video footage was forwarded to UFOSightingsDaily.com by the witness.  After some initial confusion about the route he confirmed, "Yes. It was while I was en route from La Guardia Airport in NYC to Houston, TX."

 The original video has been edited because, as the witness explained, “they showed passengers inside the plane. Also, the flight attendant was shown as well. Since I don't have their permission …… I cut the footage short in order to show the main part.”

The founder and manager of the site UFOSightingsDaily.com, Scott C. Waring, read the witness’s comments and viewed the video showing a glowing object outside the window.  At first he was skeptical. “The bad thing about windows is that it (sic) can cause a reflection of light from behind you, making me concerned about this sighting,” he explained, “yet the person waves his hand in front of it and you see the reflection of the hand without the UFO changing in any way. When I enlarge the object, I see that it’s not a reflection from light...but appears to be a solid object with a very distinct shape. UFOs do follow planes all the time and probably more so at night, so in my opinion yes it is real.”

The witness forwarded his shortened video to the FAA and is awaiting their comment.


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