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UFO activity sighted over rural Quebec

A pulsating light was spotted over La Minerve, Quebec, in the very early hours of Christmas morning, as reported to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network.

The witness was outside his house in the rural area near Mont-Tremblant, around midnight on December 25th, looking across the lake towards the mountains in the south east: “The sky was very clear, I could see the moon and many stars,” the witness reported. “Then,I noticed this really bright object above the horizon.The light was not moving so I was sure it could not be a plane.”

He went inside to tell his spouse and together they watched the object from a window overlooking the lake.“Looking at the light source, I noticed it was pulsating and changing colours very fast.”

The couple considered that the pulsating object could be a planet: “We thought it could be, maybe, Jupiter but when we took the binoculars (7 X 35) we saw how the light was transforming, expanding and contracting and changing colors. We don’t believe Jupiter would be like this.”

The strange pulsating light was visible 30 km away in Riviere-Rouge where the witness’s brother lives, indicating that it was of considerable size.

The witness took over 60 photographs and is anxious to know what the object was. 


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