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Sun-circling UFO Cube much larger than Earth

There seems to have been a great deal of UFO activity in the days leading up to Christmas.  On December 23rd, Scott C. Waring of UFOsightingsdaily.com reported another sighting of the giant cube that has been seen intermittently hovering near our Sun for some time now.  Waring has not actually seen the cube himself as close examination of the Sun is not possible without highly specialized equipment.  However, SOHO (Nasa’s Solar and Helioshperic Observatory) has such equipment and continuously posts images on their website. 

Scott C. Waring has been studying and tracking UFOs for many years and he established his website as a way to keep the public informed about the largely unknown extraterrestrial activity that seems to be all around us.  Apart from his perusal of NASA and SOHO images, Waring receives many eye-witness reports of UFOs and other unexplained objects from around the world.

Waring begins his latest post, “I was looking at some sun images by NASA/SOHO when I saw the cube again. I say cube because a few times I have reported it while it was clearly visible as a 3d object. This time however what interests me the most is that this time it has one corner that has a gas cloud covering it.”

“This is important” he explains, “because it validates that this is an actual object and not pixillation (computer glitch) or even a UFO that was deliberately covered by NASA.” Using the known size of the sun as a measure, Waring estimates that this craft is about seven times the size of the earth.  “Because of its massive size,” he postulates “it may be built for storage of energy harvested from our sun”

 The cube Waring refers to can be seen here: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov//data/REPROCESSING/Completed/2012/eit284/20121223/20121223_1306_eit284_1024.jpg.


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