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UFO: Jet chases time-space anomaly over Michigan

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A report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) described a UFO with short chevron lights and an engineered shape over Allen Park, Michigan on 22 December 2012.

The witness who made the report stated: “My friend and I were traveling on Allen Road away from Oakwood Blvd in Allen Park at about 4:00pm on Saturday. My friend pointed out colours in the sky above a particular cloud. I initially thought it was a rainbow effect due to moisture in the air. But none of the other clouds around the sun showed any colours at all.”


He went on, “I couldn’t look away. I was awed by how the lights were in chevron and vertical patterns and had distinctive edges on the top and bottom, nothing like the shape of a rainbow.”


The friend continued, “I turned right on to Outer Drive and the lights were ahead of us on our left side.  As we got closer to whatever it was, we noticed a fighter jet flying at high speed directly toward the lit-up cloud.  This was about 2 minutes after we first saw the lights.  I guess the fighter could have scrambled from Wright-Patterson, it’s only 200 miles.  Anyway, at this point the lights were partially transparent, or had less intensity.”


The first witness concluded, “Just as the fighter jet was within hundreds of feet of the UFO, it vanished!”  MUFON explains this sudden vanishing as a space-time anomaly.


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