Extraterrestrial: Astronomer links Firefox to alien interference


Scott Waring who edits UFO Sightings Daily linked Firefox to possible and circumstantial alien interference astronomical-based evidence on 7 January 2012.


"I was looking over Google Mars when I laughed when I found the Firefox symbol...you know, from the Firefox Web Browser. It also looks like the Asian Yin-yang symbol. Anyways since the USAF in Area S4 teaches its scientists that there are 56 space faring species known to exist...it is very possible that there is a fox like species out there. If you looked at the Mars post I made about figures on mars, you would also see a similar fox face, but it is next to 2 other faces all facing the same direction...and near the famous woman figure."


Mr. Waring then links Firefox to possible alien interference.


"So was the company Firefox created by an alien on Earth? Which leads us to wonder, how much have aliens interfered and advanced human technology?"

Scott Waring now lives in Taiwan , but used to work in the military while he was in the States.


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