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Alien Activity Reported Over Arizona

Arizona is famous for the ‘Phoenix Lights’ UFO sighting of 1997. Over the years, the residents of the state have sighted UFOs and aliens on multiple occasions. Reports of alien activity in Arizona have even been featured in episodes of The X-Files.   

Recently, a resident of Arizona has reported sighting UFO lights on 28 June, 2016 at 11 pm. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and was posted on 29 June, 2016.

The begins the report by describing what he was doing at the time of the sighting and then talks about spotting alien lights.

‘I stepped out for a cigarette in my car port at approx. 11:05 pm and looked up in the night sky when I noticed a bright light that slowly dimmed and as it dimmed another light brightened up then another as the second light dimmed.”

He tells us that he called his wife and step-daughter to see the lights and then describes the behavior and shape of the lights.

“I then ran inside my house to get my wife and step-daughter to come see for themselves and they saw 1 light pulsate twice in one spot the objects seemed to move very slowly within the same general area but they were in a triangular position and looked to be a couple of miles apart.”

The witness then talks about sighting two airplanes after this event. He further tells us that it was the 4th time that he had sighted such UFO lights in a year.

“Shortly after this event I saw 2 airplanes 1 going west to east and another plane flying south to north but did not see the lights again when I was trying to get it recorded on my phone but this is like the 4th time this has happened in a year.”

He then tells us these lights could not have been airplanes.

“As silly as all this may seem I know what an airplane looks like and these were not airplanes my thoughts were that this has got to be ufos whether government or extraterrestrial.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

The sighting sounds very similar to the famous ‘Phoenix Lights’ UFO sighting. Similar lights have been seen by UFO enthusiasts around the globe.


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