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UFO: Shanghai Residents Watch Alien Spacecraft for 10 Hours

The residents of Shanghai, China witnessed an alien object for 10 hours on 3 July, 2016, as reported by UFO sightings daily. The website, UFO Sightings Daily, is coordinated by Scott C. Waring. He had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan. 

In this report Mr. Waring has included images of the UFO along with a news report. He tells us that this sighting was reported by Chinese News.

“Chinese news is reporting a giant disk parked over their city of Shanghai yesterday for ten hours.”

He says that there must be a video of this incident but he had not seen it.

“For it to be there so long, there must be some video of this thing, but I haven't seen any yet.”

Mr. Waring tells us that he will keep checking for the video and update it later.

“I will keep checking and update this later.”

He claims that even though Chinese military would not dare test an alien saucer over a city, it might still be an alien saucer possessed by the Chinese military.

“I don't think any Chinese military pilot would dare fly over a city to test out an alien tech saucer, but you never really know. This could be alien tech in Chinese military hands.”

 Do you think this is an alien saucer developed by the Chinese Military? Comment and let us know.


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