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UFO: White Arc Spotted Near Sunset in Ottawa, Canada

An eye witness in Ottawa has reported sighting a rather big arc in the sky at around 8.47 p.m. on August 9, 2016. The witness was out on the balcony taking pictures of the beautiful Ottawa sunset when the incident happened. The sky was clear blue with long thin domes of black clouds, fading and reappearing.

“I noticed these black forms forming on top of dark strips of clouds over the reddish orange clouds of the sunset and the forms almost looked like a little cityscape, like black forms of buildings,” the witness stated.

The witness was shocked at the sight that was unfolding before his eye, so he took some quick pictures and kept watching the skies for some more odd stuff.

“All of a sudden I realized that another type of cloud was forming in the North East over the river and it seemed to be in the shape of an arc made out of white/grey clouds. The black thin clouds were in the background, not near this arc. The white cloudlike arc was just a half an arc but huge, took up half the sky. ”

The arc kept on changing and moving slowly southwards. Its middle area was a little bit darker than the sky around it. It made no sound nor did it have any lights on.

“The whole event lasted for about 45 minutes from the first time I noticed the whitish clouds that formed the bottom of the arc. I honestly think it was a mother ship. ”

The arc eventually disappeared but left a rather huge and powerful feeling in the area.

“I have had sightings of various UFOs in this same area over the years, all different. Something is definitely going on in this area,” the witness said.

The report was filed on MUFON, on August 9, 2016.

Investigations are still ongoing.