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Oval UFO Spotted in Mississauga, Ontario

Most UFOs are never what they seem at first sight in fact an encounter with one is never easy, some are just seen by chance while others are photographed by mistake. It is not something that comes as common knowledge to many and even identifying what may seem bizarre and out of this world might be hard for most people, even here in Canada where a day never goes by without a report on strange sightings in the sky.

A recent case of the same left two couples bewildered and confused and somehow disappointed on a possible missed opportunity of encountering a live UFO.

The couples who were off to a friend’s barbecue party were not even aware that a possible UFO was within and around them, as they drove off.

“I was driving to a friend’s barbecue with my husband. I usually take pictures while he drives, this is something I always do,” stated the witness. “That day I was trying to get a picture of two buildings very famous in Mississauga and almost missed because at that point we were turning. So I attempted to take the picture but wasn’t happy. ”

The witness did not think much of the experience nor did she see anything peculiar as she photographed her way through Mississauga. She only came with the unfamiliar two days later and was baffled at the image that appeared on one of the photos.

“Anyways two days later as I was checking my photos, I opened and noticed this object on the corner,” the witness added. “I zoomed the picture and it looked like a non-identity object.”

The incident took place on August 8, 2016 at 12.00 a.m. and was filed on MUFON on August 15, 2016.

Further investigations into the matter are still ongoing as most UFOs can be explained with climatic changes or man-made features.



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