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UFO: Morphing Burning Fireball Craft Sighted In Vancouver, British Columbia

An eye witness in Vancouver has recently reported sighting a red-star like object in the skies as he was relaxing on the roof of his house.

“While going out onto my roof for some air, I immediately took notice of an exceptionally brilliant and vibrant red star to my right side or directionally due NNE,” the witness stated.

“At about 50 degrees elevation, it grew to a size that seemed to be traveling directly towards me at an incredible speed. It appeared to come to a stop, where it neither grew nor shifted in any noticeable manner. ”

The object was extremely red, almost as if it was burning but had the quality of a bright light.

“I had about 15-30 seconds in which I stared at the object as it rhythmically pulsated, an extremely vibrant and intense red. It also had a vibrating throbbing shiftiness accompanying the consistent pulsating,” the witness stated.

The object travelled for a while, 3-5 kilometers in a straight line to the western skyline, Downtown Vancouver before coming to a halt. It paused for a split second before shooting up to about 50-100 feet, a move that made its glow diminish.

“At this time I ran inside to grab my partner as well as my phone and iPad so as to take a few pictures. At about 1-2 minutes later, I’m fiddling with turning these contraptions on while I’m watching the object top burning almost completely and morph into a flat, convex black shape, retaining some of the red but weakly.”

The resulting object shot off to the WSW for no more than 2 seconds and vanished, leaving no trace.

“It was then that I heard a jet overhead racing towards the area, where it made 6-7 circles over the area where it vanished before heading back east, over my head, ” the witness stated.

“I never managed to capture any images it all occurred far too fast and if I was to stop for a second I may have missed some crucial information.”

The event took place on August 23, 2016 at around 9.13 p.m. and was reported to MUFON on August 24, 2016.

Investigations are still ongoing.




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