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UFO: Bright Orange Sphere Spotted Hovering Over the Tree Line in Lindsay, Ontario

A recent UFO case witnessed by two friends in Lindsay, Ontario has shocked the residents of the area. A report filed with MUFON on September 7, 2016 talks of a glowing bright orange object hovering over the tree line.

“While walking south on an abandoned railways line approximately 4 km north of the town of Lindsay, Ontario at around 8.30 pm, my friend and I spotted a bright orange glowing sphere shaped object that appeared to be hovering over the tree line,” the reporting witness stated.

At first they thought the object was a flying aircraft but immediately ruled that theory out as it remained stationery and made no noise and had no flash lights.

“We scanned the sky for other moving aircraft and there was none. We observed the object for about 10 minutes. While doing so the object seemed to pulsate and flicker.‌”

The object was first sighted at around 8.30 pm on September 3, 2016. It disappeared from their sight as they walked to the parking lot of the conservation area. But as they exited the parking lot, they noticed it again. This was around 9 pm.

“This time the object had traveled to the south east part of the sky and was at a much higher altitude, again we scanned for moving aircraft and there was none. The object made a series of rapid horizontal and vertical movements.”

“Its bright orange low seamed to fade out as it appeared to be drawn into the night sky. I checked the time and it was 9.15 pm,” the reporting witness added.

The duo waited for the object to completely disappear this time round before they decided to get on the road.

Investigations are still ongoing as most flying objects can be physically explained, be man-made or as a result of climate change.