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UFO: Orange Object Spotted In the Skies of Adstock, Quebec

A witness in Adstock, Quebec recently reported sighting strange objects in the sky as he was out with two other people.

“I was doing ATV with two other people during the night time,” the reporting witness stated. “It was 8 pm and it was dark outside and i looked at the sky to see the stars and that is when I saw an orange object in the sky.”

The reporting witness was so shocked that he stopped the ATV and observed the object for about a minute in a bid to know what it could be.

“I kept asking myself what it could be but I did not find any answer to what it could be. It could not be an airplane or helicopter because the object did not move and did not make any sound. It could not be a star as it was too low for a star and it was not in space.”

The reporting witness and his companions tried to think of almost anything that could be used to describe the object from a light fired by someone to a satellite. They even thought it could be a boat even though the object appeared to be placed perfectly in the sky. Even a streetlight and tower were ruled out. Bizarre as their suggestions were the object was more bizarre than their thoughts of it.

“We could not find answers to what the object could be. I continued with my ATV and when I came back 40 seconds later at the same place I had seen the object, it was gone.  I looked everywhere around in the sky but I did not see the object anywhere.”

The incident occurred on September 4, 2016 at around 8.40 pm and was reported to MUFON the next day on September 5, 2016.

Investigations on the report are still ongoing.


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