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UFO: Red and White Light Spotted Flashing in the Skies of Jasper, Alberta

Spotting a UFO can be scary especially if you are alone, the thought that you might be losing your mind over something unexplainable is even worse.

Recently an eye witness in Jasper, Alberta spotted some flashing lights in the sky at around 12.00 am on September 4, 2016.

“I was driving home from work past Talbot Lake in Jasper National Park when I noticed a red and white flashing light above the tree line,” the witness stated. “My first thought was that it was a plane, but quickly realized that it was flying too low to be one.”

The witness kept on driving but realized too soon that the lights were not moving across the sky. They were still but continued to flash.

“I pulled my car over to get a better look. I stopped for a total of 15 minutes and the lights still did not move across the sky. I turned the vehicle off to listen to see if it was a plane, but there was absolutely no sound.”

The lights were soon disappearing slowly so the witness decided to drive off but two minutes later he saw the flashing lights again, through his car window.

“They seemed to be flashing in a triangle shape. I pulled over and turned the car off again, this time for about 5 minutes. The lights disappeared behind the clouds and I decided to start driving again and all of my warring lights on the dashboard lit up. This has never happened in my car before.”

“I am not sure of what I saw was man-made or not, I do however know that I did see lights in the sky and that I am not losing my mind.”

A report was made with MUFON on September 5, 2016.

Investigations are ongoing.