Cloning: Alien Encounter Reveals Human Blood Extracted From Abductions to Create Hybrids

A witness from Great Britain has provided an astonishing account of alien abduction. She claims that alien beings extracted blood from her daughter to create hybrids. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 13 Sep, 2016.

The witness begins the report by describing what she was doing at the time of the sighting.

“I was in bed asleep, when i suddenly became wide awake and alert, i heard a voice in my head keep saying ‘don’t panic, everything is ok’.”

She says that the voice asked her to check on her child and then she found her daughter smiling at 3 alien beings.

“The voice told me to ‘check on your child’ so I ran straight to my 2 year olds room and seen her awake in her cot smiling up at 3 extraterrestrials, and they were stood watching her.”

She describes how the aliens assured her that everything was fine and asked her not to panic.

“I was about to ask what do you want and before I could speak all 3 looked at me at the same time and said. ‘dont panic everything is ok’ i couldnt move just stand there and watch them watching her.”

The witness says that the aliens smelled disgusting and that they could read her thoughts. She further says that they spoke to her telepathically.

“I remember the smell of them was disgusting like an old fish tank. i knew they could read my thoughts so without speaking and just by thinking I thought one simple word, why? and they all looked at me again and to my surprise they answered.”

The aliens told her about being members of a species called Reticulans and that they were a younger species compared to other alien species known to them.

“They explained that they were Reticulans as we know them, they weren’t hostile but could be if a race didn’t accept their plans and that they were a young race a few million years older than humans but still young in regards to other species they know of.”

She says that the species had mastered interstellar travel a long time ago and that they were created on board a ship.

“They had mastered technology and interstellar travel a long time ago, and that they had never seen their homeland they were created on board a ship.”

She further talks about their mission of creating hybrids.

“Part of their mission was to take DNA from species capable of creating hybrids as they believed that the only meaning of existence for a biological being is to pass on their cells.”

The witness then explains how they reproduce through cloning without the need for any sexual organs.

“This was the only way they could do it as they no longer had the need for sexual organs as they were took away genetically at the embryo stage of the cloning process and that science had gotten in the way of evolution and they didn’t want to die out as a species.”

She talks about being informed by the aliens that they took blood from her daughter.

“They informed me they had taken blood from my daughter and thanked us.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Do you believe that the witness is telling the truth or is she just delusional? Comment and share your thoughts below through Facebook. 

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