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UFO: Object with Moving Lights Spotted In Gatineau, Quebec

A star watcher recently reported to sighting some strange object in the sky on September 13, 2016 at around 4.05 am. The object seemed to change color, drop and shoot some white balls of light as it hovered around in the sky.

“I woke up to a feeling of fear and apprehension at around 3.55 a.m. It was as if I was being threatened by someone or something,” the reporting witness stated. “I turned on the lights and at around 4.05 am I got a sudden urge to look out my back door.”

The night was cool and clear and some of the stars like Orion’s belt were visible from the south east.

“As I continued to scan the skies, I noticed what I thought was Venus then I saw it change colors from green to blue-green with red lights rotating side to side of the object.”

The witness could not make out what was happening from his position on the ground so he grabbed a binocular so as to get the perfect view.

“The object was dropping or shooting white balls lights that seemed to disappear within 4 to 5 seconds. I watched this object hover and move from side to side for almost an hour as it moved and hovered sometimes dimming, it might have been moving away then coming closer. ”

The object which was like a half circle suddenly started to dim out of sight, it seemed to have been on a watch or survey of the area it was over.

“It was not completely boomerang shaped but was more like a half circle and its size is very hard to estimate I can only say that it was well over a 100 feet long from my point of view. I also noticed other very dim lights in the background, I think they were meteors. ”

A report was made to MUFON on September 13, 2016.

Investigations are still ongoing.



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