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Man Communicates With Aliens and Controls Alien Orbs

A man from Lansing, Michigan called DWC Coffman claims to posses the ability to communicate telepathically with aliens and summon alien orbs. He published a couple of videos on YouTube demonstrating his skills. This information has been obtained from a post published by UFO sightings daily.

The website, UFO Sightings Daily, is coordinated by Scott C. Waring. He had been affiliated with the United States Air Force at SAC base (USAF flight line). He currently owns an ESL School in Taiwan. 

Scott provides an introduction to the video and tells us how a man uses medication and focus to summon alien orbs.

“Here is an interesting video of a man using meditation and focus to call the orbs over to his area. It works...watch them come when he asks them to.”

He says that it is nice to see the number of UFOs that appear after being summoned and also says that only one appears usually.

“Its really rare to see this many UFOs come when a person summons them. Usually just one will appear.”

He then says that the person who summons the UFOs must a focused and pure hearted man.

“This person...DWC Coffman of Youtube, must be a very focused and pure hearted person at this moment in time.”

Scott further tells us that summoning works and that he had done it himself in the past.

“Does summoning work, yes, I have done it myself, but only a single UFO came. This is spectacular.”

After that he quotes the YouTube user DWC Coffman talking about talking to aliens during medication.

“Forgive my speaking I talked to them while I meditate and they always show up, I have many photos.”

Scott also posted a reply he received when he contacted DWC Coffman. In his reply to Scott, Coffman asks him to stay positive and to be focused on the benevolence.

"Scott Waring thank u for the kind words. stay positive and get some energy crystals and focus your mind and heart on the benevolence.”

Coffman than says that archangels and the prime creator are 5th dimensional beings.

A lot of people would say I'm nuts but they haven't lived my life I assure u the archangels and the prime creator are 5th dimensional space brothers."

He further tells Scott that he had a life full of paranormal and that he meditates and focuses his vibrations and thoughts on them.

“I actually have had a life full of paranormal and I meditate and focus my vibrations and thoughts on them and light and have many pics of UFOs over my house so no, I wasn't concerned.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Throughout ages, many people have claimed to possess the ability to communicate with paranormal, alien and supernatural beings. Do you believe that such people actually exist? Can people contact aliens through meditation and telepathy?

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